Weeks 8-10

Alright, continuing to catch up here. At 10 weeks I could no longer comfortably fold down the waistband on my very cute Lululemon capris. I’m sure what you see here is all bloat and not a real bump, but during these weeks my clothes started feeling tight and I moved towards living in athletic pants and leggings. Wait, that is nothing new, but lets just say most of my jeans were no longer comfortable and I dug my bigger pairs out of the closet.

I was for the most part still waking up for the day at an ungodly hour, making naps a requirement whenever possible. The nausea was a little better, but made a nasty re-appearance during week 9. I had to immediately eat a graham cracker upon waking to stave off the queasiness, and that worked pretty well. Very sadly, I lost my taste for squash and sweet potatoes. These are usual winter staples for me, and it is so weird to be grossed out by them. I couldn’t even stomach the thought of pumpkin flavored anything. Who am I?? I was craving a lot of creamy foods like yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese in general, ice cream and caesar salad. Dairy much? I also had a very specific craving for home made pasta from Albanese’s in Milwaukee. I haven’t been to the restaurant in years, and all of a sudden I just had to have it. Sadly, an internet search revealed that the restaurant closed in 2009. Sigh.

I would be remiss if I did not also mention the fact that I have been an emotional basket case. Things that have made me cry in no particular order:

1. Random internet videos featuring good samaritans, cute animals, and anything holiday related.

2. The Ellen show when she gave away Christmas presents to the audience a la Oprah’s favorite things.

3. Thinking about the holidays.

4. The movie Everybody’s Fine. In my defense, it is a tearjerker, but I was all out ugly crying and had to get up right before the end because I couldn’t take it anymore.

5. Friday Night Lights when Landry’s dad burned his car to destroy evidence of murder for his son.

6. Steve telling me that I wasn’t being nice to him one night.


During these weeks I ran and rode my bike trainer when I felt like it, which probably wasn’t a ton. I got outside for a few runs when the weather was ok, otherwise it was treadmill city up in here. Overall nothing too exciting to report about weeks 8-10. I was looking forward to my 10 week doctor appointment and especially to Christmas!


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