10 week appointment


At 10 weeks 1 day, we had our first appointment with my OB. I had an appointment at 7 weeks with the nurse practitioner for health history and labs, but this was the first time we would be meeting the actual doc. Back when I scheduled the appointment at 5 weeks, it seemed so.far.away. A lot of time to worry if everything was ok, even though I had no indication to tell me otherwise. I knew I would feel so much better after hearing that little heartbeat to verify that there was in fact a baby in there.

Steve met me for the appointment, which involved peeing in a cup, talking with the doc, and a physical exam. Then it was time to find the heartbeat with the doppler. The doc was very clear in warning me before we started that at 10 weeks, even with someone small like me, it is not always possible to find the heartbeat with the doppler. She said if that was the case, there was an ultrasound tech there that could do a quick ultrasound. Well sure enough, she tried for a good 5-10 mins with the doppler, and nothing. I thought I heard her say she was catching fragments of the heartbeat, but couldn’t lock it in, and that my uterus is tilted backwards which makes it harder. TMI? Sorry. Strangely, I wasn’t worried at all. I just had a feeling that everything was good, and we would have an ultrasound and it would be fine. After one last try, the doc said well, it’s being stubborn. I looked at Steve and said yep, that’s about right. It’s quite likely this kid may have the two most stubborn people on the planet for parents.

So, ultrasound it was. First she had to check if the tech was still there (our appointment was at 5pm), which sent me into a mini-worry that the tech would be gone for the night and we would have to come back the next day. But thankfully she was still there, and we got right to it. She explained that to see anything this early they use a vaginal ultrasound, and as soon as she started we could see the little baby! She said I was measuring at exactly 10 weeks 1 day, commenting that my cycles must have been very regular (they were), and we would be sticking with a due date of July 15th. She looked around at everything and took a lot of measurements as long as she was in there, and then she turned on sound for the heartbeat. It was super-strong and beating away at 175 bpm. When she pointed the wand back at the baby, we saw the arms and legs flail around which was admittedly really weird. It kind of became real that there is a tiny human moving around inside of me even though I can’t feel it yet.

When we left the appointment I told Steve that I was actually really glad that the doc couldn’t find the heartbeat right away because we got to have the ultrasound and actually see the baby. Normally at the place I go, they only do one ultrasound throughout the pregnancy (if everything is normal) at 20 weeks, which is the big gender reveal appointment. I am so happy that we got to have one earlier and got to take home a photo of the little munchkin.


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