17 weeks

How about a bare belly shot this week, shall we? I feel like the bump is bigger in person, but whatever. Baby is the size of an onion, about 5.1 inches long, and is starting to put some fat on that cute little body.

Food/cravings: nothing too out of the ordinary this week. We did eat dinner at Kopp’s the other night, where I not only had a fish sandwich and fries, but also a luscious chocolate custard cone for dessert. Heaven. I’ve just been enjoying food in general, and lots of the same old staples like fruit, cereal, eggs, and ice cream. And breaking news: I can eat sweet potatoes again! I think I could even eat squash (maybe) but I haven’t gone there yet. Baby steps.

Sleep: It’s been so bad that I broke down and tried taking Unisom. The first night I just took half of one because I have the tolerance of…um…well let’s just say I have been known to get buzzed off of one dark beer (lord help me when I am able to drink again). So I took half of one and I slept so.much.better. I still woke up throughout the night, but I was able to fall back to sleep right away and I could tell I was sleeping more deeply. The next night I took another half of one with similar results. Then, because I didn’t want to make it a habit of taking this crap every night, I went without. It was terrible. I have been making it a point also of trying not to nap so much during the day, because I don’t think it’s helping my nighttime sleep. I don’t know if I want to keep taking the stuff all the time, so for now I am going to take it periodically when I feel like I really need to get some sleep.

Speaking of all things sleep, I had a very vivid dream the other night that I gave birth to a baby boy. For some reason it wasn’t until after he was born that we even discussed names for the child. Steve ended up not liking my first choice, but he liked the second (neither of which we have talked about in real life). Then all of a sudden the baby was a puppy with the most giant puppy paws I have ever seen, so I knew that eventually this kid (puppy) was going to be huge. What does it mean??? So now I am convinced that it is a boy (hopefully human), which in reality means it is probably a girl since my gut feeling in these matters is always wrong. Gahhh! Three more weeks.

Exercise: Five workouts last week, 3 runs and 2 walks. Sometimes I only manage 2-3 miles on the treadmill, but I tell myself it’s better than nothing. I walked OUTSIDE on Sunday and ran outside today. For some reason running outside wears me out so much more than running on the treadmill. My pace is averaging between 9:30-10:00 min/mile, though during a short treadmill run the other day I ran a whole mile at sub-9 pace. Woah! I am hoping that the weather continues to stay decent enough that I can go outside and get fresh air at least a few times a week going forward. In other news, I could barely zip up my winter running jacket today. I might have to start stealing Steve’s running clothes soon.

Research of the week: cloth diapers. Yep, I am leaning heavily towards cloth diapering. After pouring over websites and watching videos on the subject, I realize that it is really no more difficult than doing disposables. Yes there is obviously laundry involved, but doing an extra load of wash every day or two doesn’t really seem like a big deal to me. The upfront cost is a little intimidating, but the savings over the long run is pretty significant. Also, a baby butt in a cloth diaper is just so darn cute.



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4 responses to “17 weeks

  1. Merissa

    loved reading this- when I read fruit, cereal, ice cream I instantly thought boy- I didnt realize my cravings at the the time but ate tons of fruity cereal and could devour 2lbs of grapes or a ton of watermelon- but that was because I always felt so thirsty. I think boy!!!

  2. Love that dream—hilarious. And yay for cloth! Not hard at all and the savings are amazing.

  3. You crack me up! Hopefully it is human! I applaud your cloth diaper decision – nicer for baby skin, nicer for the planet, and you’ll have great car-polishing rags after!!!

  4. zettym

    Great plan for the cloth d’s, if you want a disposable adjunct, I used Natures baby care- made in Sweden, they are the most environmentally friendly disposable, no bleach, and biodegradable, you can even compost the wet ones, and your plants will thank you, urine is meant to great in compost …!! I tried to do cloth but my husband couldn’t handle it and I was determined not to be the only one dealing with diapers for what has turned out to be 7 yrs!! You can order natures babycare from amazon prime (amazon mom is a great program) or from diapers.com