20 weeks

Halfway there! Whew! Baby is the size of a banana and now has working tastebuds.

Photo: Ugh, back to the selfie in the bathroom mirror since Steve was not home. The bump seems to be growing by the day now, and it is already getting a little more difficult to get up off the couch. I may have audibly grunted a few times while trying to get up, or put on socks, or doing any normal everyday things really. I can’t even imagine what this will be like when I am huge. To make up for that crappy photo, I give you this:


Yes, those are roller-skates. Flashback to grade school anyone? By little cousin Nora turned 8 over the weekend and had her birthday party at a roller rink. At first I wasn’t planning to skate for fear of taking myself out, but when I got there it was just too tempting. And I am happy to say that I stayed upright the entire time. Ah, so many memories.

Food: I am craving so much fruit still. Any fresh fruit, bowls of it. I’ve also been killing the green smoothies and salads. All of that makes it sound like I am eating really healthy all of the time, but fear not, my sweet tooth is still raging. Ice cream, brownies, anything chocolate, girl scout cookies, nothing is safe around me.

Movement: Yes! I was starting to worry a little bit that I couldn’t feel the baby moving much even though my doc said it was perfectly fine and normal. Well, for the past two days I have felt so much action in there. In fact, the kid seems to be having a little party in there as I type this. It’s pretty wild. The movement is more subtle than I was expecting (and that I’m sure it will be as the baby grows), but it is now unmistakeable and I love it.

Exercise: Meh. I think I worked out four days last week. Running is not comfortable which totally bums me out. I tried using a support belt for my 4 mile outdoor run the other day, and it did help a little, but I have had to accept the fact that running is just not going to feel good until after July. I am going to keep at it anyways, but I know I am going to have to start incorporating more different types of workouts. Mostly I am just lazy and running is so convenient. Got forbid I make the five minute drive to the gym. Walking is starting to grow on me, and I have noticed my “power walking” pace has increased when I walk outside.

In other news: The big ultrasound is tomorrow!! I feel like I have waited for this day for so.freaking.long. At the same time, the weeks are flying by at lightning speed. I have to admit I am a little bit nervous for the big appointment and above everything hope that we see a perfectly healthy little baby in there that is developing right on schedule. With the obvious stated, I also have to say that I really really hope the little one cooperates and flashes the goods for us. I am so excited to find out if a little boy or girl is in there! Any guesses??



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2 responses to “20 weeks

  1. How about one of each? Too much…..sorry, just a thought! You look great.

  2. You are seriously TOO adorable. Eeeek, US day!! I’m going to guess boy but I’m not sure why. Love feeling consistent kicks so much—the best. Hope it went well today!