It’s a…

The big 20 week ultrasound went well! Despite the fact that I went in to the appointment pretty positive there was a little girl in there, we discovered we are having a boy! When we saw the money shot and found out I had to wrap my head around the idea for a sec because I wasn’t expecting it. Our ultrasound tech told us that the mother’s intuition regarding the gender is almost always wrong in her experience, which I thought was kind of funny. Baby boy looks healthy and is measuring exactly on schedule to the day. He was very squirmy in there and at times a little uncooperative as the tech tried to get all of the measurements. Looks like we already have a little mover and shaker on our hands. The best was when she said “looks like baby has a big tummy! You are feeding him well.” I know it is all of the ice cream so I now have no choice but to continue on my current consumption pattern. šŸ™‚

We got a bunch of pictures to take home, but these are just two of my favorites.

Cute little feet:

And the money shot:

Sorry kid for posting a picture of your goods for all to see, I’m sure you’ll forgive me for being excited. Now let the fun begin of decorating the nursery, registering for little boy things, and deciding on a name. We are so happy that he is healthy and everything looks good, and that now we can refer to him as “he” instead of “it.” It’s getting real now, there’s a baby boy in there!


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