25 weeks

Baby is the size of a cauliflower, and is busy fattening up and growing hair. He also can tell up from down, which might explain all of the flipping around going on in there. Seriously, he is all over the place.

So this update is going to be mostly about running, since nothing terribly notable happened in the past week. Last Wednesday, I tried running for the first time in a few weeks. I was on the treadmill sporting this get up:

It’s hot, I know. I thought wearing the support belt would help take the pressure off of my SI joint, and it sort of worked. I walked for 5 mins to warm up, and then I ran some 3 min intervals at 10 min pace with a 2 min walk in between each one. The first one felt awful and I almost stopped 30 sec in, but I decided to stick it out. The second one felt a little better, so I kept going and did a total of 5 running intervals, or a whole 15 mins of running. The next day I went for a walk because it was nice out, and my back was pissed. I have decided that the misery of trying to run is no longer worth it to me, so I likely won’t run again until after July <insert sad face here>. Now, if this stupid back problem ever goes away and spring sticks around for more than one day I might change my tune and give it a try, but I have decided there is no reason to do something that doesn’t feel good to my body. Looks like swimming and walking it is.

The other day my mom and I went to Target to register for some baby things and I realized I have no clue about baby stuff and what I need and what to pick out. After 20 mins we had literally scanned ONE item. We went through THREE registry scanning guns because they kept running out of batteries. Luckily there was another mom there in the baby department who was pregnant with her third and offered up some advice on a few things. I basically just scanned what she told me to and called it good. I am getting a little anxious to get our house projects done (or at least the treadmill moved) so I can get started on decorating the nursery, but I think it is going to be a little while yet.

Lastly, I totally have an outie belly button now:



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2 responses to “25 weeks

  1. cara

    ha! let me know if you have any questions on what you need for baby! I was overwhelmed when I registered, too!

  2. You are totally the cutest. Seriously.

    I have a ‘baby gear post’ on my blog–and registering IS really overwhelming the first time around! But be reassured that baby doesn’t actually NEED anything but you, a few clothes, and a place to sleep Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the process of researching and registering though!!