27 weeks

Baby is the size of a rutabaga, is practicing inhaling and exhaling, and is showing brain activity. For fun, lets do a comparison from the last time I wore this shirt for a weekly photo which was at 19 weeks.

Wowza! It is already hilarious to look back at my earlier weekly photos and remember distinctly feeling so.huge. It’s also kind of scary imagining how much bigger I will grow over the next 13 weeks.

Overall it was a pretty eventful week. I survived the dreaded glucose test and passed with flying colors. FYI – the drink wasn’t that bad. Yes is was sweet, but it wasn’t much worse than gatorade. Anyways, no gestational diabetes over here, so keep the sweets a comin’.

I also got to see the baby on the ultrasound screen again, where the tech informed me that “it is still a boy”. The point of the ultrasound was to check on the location of the placenta. I can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but during my 20 week u/s I had a partial placenta previa, meaning the placenta was resting right on the cervix. The hope was that over time it would move away by 3cm so I can deliver naturally. Well as of this u/s it had already moved to 2.5cm away, so my doc is very confident that by 32 weeks at the next check it will be just fine. Ok, enough placenta talk.

I made a huge cloth diaper score over the weekend. I found a listing on Craigslist from a couple that was selling their entire supply of Best Bottom diapers, which is the system that I have decided to use after many many hours of research. They were located in Madison, so I recruited my mom to make the drive with me on Sunday. I was just going to buy some of the things they had (a few covers, inserts, and some pail liners and wet bags), but once I was there they made me an incredible offer to take the whole lot.

So, I ended up with 8 covers (one that is in really rough shape), 30 inserts (basically 30 diapers because you just snap an insert into the cover and put it on the baby), 6 doubler inserts, 25 cloth wipes, 3 diaper pail liners, a bunch of wet bags (a few have zippers that don’t work), and a handmade solid wood diaper pail (not pictured, but made by the husband specifically to fit with the pail liners) all for $130. I plan to paint the pail to match the nursery, which should work out great. A lot of the covers with the velcro are pilled, but they are all totally functional, so this is pretty much a complete diapering set up. Of course I will still register for a few more brand new cute covers that I love and may have to buy a few other inserts over time, but I am pretty well set. I am anticipating that this system won’t be good right away at birth, and don’t plan to use the covers with these inserts until the baby starts eating solids. I have another plan for the newborn runny poo stage, but I’ll talk more about that when I actually have the stuff I plan to use.

And speaking of the nursery, progress is being made. Phillip the treadmill is settling into his new home in the office, and three of the nursery walls have been painted grey. I have ordered a rug, and am waiting for it to arrive before I pick out the shade of blue that will be on the final wall. I don’t have a good pic of the grey paint right now because the room is a disaster zone, but it is called “porpoise.” Kind of fits with my whole ocean theme, no? Hopefully painting of the crib and changing table will commence this week and everything will start coming together.

Notice how I haven’t mentioned any exercise this past week? Yeah, I swam once and walked 2 miles on the treadmill one day. Oh well, I really don’t even feel bad about it. I also gave the most massages I have ever done in one week, so that’s gotta count for something.


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  1. Your belly is freaking ADORABLE. I cannot wait to see you at the end!

    Awesome score on those diapers!! Ah, the CD research for baby #1. I’m excited for you to try them out!