31 weeks

Baby is the size of a pineapple, he is going through major brain and nerve development, and all five senses are in working order.

Speaking of pineapple, oh my gosh it is so good. I can’t stop. I am going to turn into either a pineapple or a watermelon one of these days. Those are still my number one foods at the moment, but blue cheese dressing and potato chips (not together but maybe I should try it) are up there too. And frozen custard, but duh.

I really procrastinated on writing this update because I feel like I have very little to report. It seems like I just wrote my 30 week update yesterday. Time is flying which is now kind of freaking me out since I only have nine weeks to go. The bathroom is still under construction, the nursery is not ready, the house is a mess, etc. But, it was a fabulous weekend in WI, with warm temps and lots of time spent with family celebrating birthdays, an old friend’s baby shower and Mother’s Day. I can’t believe that soon I will be a mom, so weird. It’s kind of like when Steve and I were newly married and it sounded so crazy to me that I was a wife.

The little man is still moving around a lot, although there were two days in a row last week that I couldn’t feel him moving much and I was worried. The first day was last Tuesday, and by that night I actually decided to do a kick count, since you are supposed to be able to feel baby move 10 times within two hours. Well, I got to 10 during one episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but I was still glad that I had an appointment with my OB on Wednesday. I told her what was going on, and she assured me that his heart beat sounded great, but to call if I didn’t feel 10 movements or if I was worried. She also said he may be getting a little cramped in there and it will become progressively harder for him to flip flop all over the place. I guess he must have just been tired from all of the growing for a couple days because now he is back to his usual shenanigans in there.

I am still feeling ok, but I am tired for sure. Despite sleeping for 7.5 hours the last two nights (yes, I still wake up a lot), I crashed when I got home from work for a good 90 mins two days in a row. Business is picking up at my massage practice which is great, but I am still working at another clinic at the same time which is getting difficult. I cut my hours back at that job to just 15 hrs/week, but it is still tough to work a shift there and then see 2 more clients at my office in the same day. But I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do and building up my own practice is my main goal right now. I am scheduled at the other clinic through June 30th, but we shall see if I make it that long 🙂


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