32 weeks

A whole day late with the update this week, sorry. Better late than never?

Baby is the size of a squash, over 16 inches long. He is supposed to be in the head down position now, but I honestly can’t tell. He is still moving around a lot, but instead of mostly jabs and kicks, it is a lot of long, slow, strong movements like he is trying his best to stretch out in his cramped quarters. Sometimes it feels like he does a big roll over, which is a crazy sensation, and sometimes it feels like he is pinching and squeezing my insides with his hands. Yowza, kid.

We were in Green Bay over the weekend because Steve was running the marathon on Sunday. It was a beautiful weekend, and I had fun cheering on the runners. Of course it made me miss running and racing, but I know I will be back at it soon.

After being on my feet for most of the day on Sunday, I was exhausted, and after driving home my back was killing me. I woke up on Monday with slight soreness in my quads and promptly felt totally pathetic. I have a feeling I may not be able to walk after my first time back running.

I have been so tired lately. Still. I take naps every chance I get, since I am still stalled out on the nursery. The bathroom is coming along nicely, and I think after progress made during the long weekend coming up we should be able to assemble the crib and really get the room together. I can’t wait. Other progress this week included choosing a pediatrician based on the recommendation of two different friends, so now they can stop asking me every single time I go to the doc if I took care of that yet. I procrastinate, what can I say?

The best moment of the week was our running group throwing us a baby shower.

I planted my butt on the couch while everyone ran, and then we all proceeded to eat Mexican food and pie. It doesn’t get much better than that. We got some adorable gifts and a very generous Target gift card from everyone. Seriously, runners are the best people! I can’t wait to take the little guy to our weekly runs in the stroller after he makes his debut as the newest member of the Lake Country Running Group 🙂


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