37 weeks

Baby is the size of a winter melon (or bunch of swiss chard depending on who you ask). He is gaining about 1/2 oz. each day, and is practicing sucking, inhaling, exhaling, gripping and blinking. Also he is now considered full term, so yay! Let’s see a comparison shot, shall we?

Boom. And, he has definitely dropped down lower since last week.

Two days after the 37 week photo was taken, I caught my reflection in the bathroom mirror and and just about fell over.

It looks like I have a torpedo there, holy cats. And, I apologize in advance for this next one, but I felt the need to document a bare belly shot.

I will save you from the front view, it wasn’t pretty. And yes, I have resorted to wearing my husband’s boxer shorts around the house because I do not currently own a single pair of shorts that fits.

I am not really feeling a whole lot different this week. Still tired, etc, etc. I have been having quite a few contractions every day, especially on days when I am very busy and possibly overdo it a little. Last Wednesday at the OB I was 1 cm dilated, which I know does not mean anything, but it seems like some progress at least. Not that I want baby boy to come out yet, but I have to admit I am looking forward to not being pregnant. I really would feel best if he stays in there at least another week and we make it to July. Knowing my luck, he will not come early at all and I probably shouldn’t even allow myself to hope for it, but it now seems like time is slowing down a little and I am so close yet so far away. Three weeks is a long time and no time at all. Either way, I cannot wait to meet our little dude and I am dying to know what he looks like.

Steve and I celebrated our six year wedding anniversary on Saturday, which is crazy. Married for six, together for ten. Seems like yesterday we were on our first “date” at Summerfest.

2004 first date

Aw, look at those cute smiley kids. Since we were at my dad’s house on Saturday for a belated father’s day celebration, Steve and I went out to dinner on Sunday.

Hard to believe this was our last anniversary celebration before we become a family of three.

Quote of the week: While at my dad’s on Saturday, my brother witnessed the baby doing the booty thrust, thus making my belly completely lopsided. He looked at me and said, “wow, you’re looking a little lumpy there.” I pretty much died.

Conversation of the week: Every Friday at the gym after swim practice, I have the following conversation with a lady in the locker room. Said lady is older, overweight, and a little odd.

Lady: You’re still pregnant.

Me: yes.

Lady: Just kidding. When are you due?

Me: July 15th

Lady: (incredulous) You should be a lot bigger!

Me: I already feel pretty big….

This past Friday, she saw me and said well NOW you look pregnant. 

Ha! Thanks lady.

Speaking of swimming, I am still going to masters once a week. That has now become my only workout of the week, and I am fine with it. I know that I should get to the pool more often, but frankly I am over it. I go once a week because I like to see my swimming peeps, and that is the only reason I drag myself to the gym on Friday mornings at 6am.

I only have three shifts left at the clinic I work at. Today, Friday, and next Monday. Hallelujah. My hands will be so happy. I will still be seeing clients at my private practice until I can’t anymore, which means when I go into labor or my hands stop functioning completely because of the swelling. They are by far the worst in the morning, and seem to get better throughout the day. The best thing I have found that helps is running them under ice cold water periodically throughout the day.

In other news, the bathroom and nursery are done! Steve is just finishing up the baseboards in the bathroom and then it will be officially complete. I will do a separate post on the bathroom remodel since it was such a huge project. Steve has worked so hard on it for such a long time, and it turned out fantastic. Now that these rooms are complete and our living room is not full of tools, I am breathing a little easier. I feel like if baby boy came tomorrow, at least the house is pretty much in order. My hospital bag is packed, so when the time comes we should be good to go!





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  1. jules527

    I always say it, but you are truly TOO CUTE right now. Gah! I feel like he has dropped already and if you have your boy before me, I will die! Not really, I will be excited, but still jealous! 😉 Hang in there, mama!