38 weeks

Baby is the size of a pumpkin, his head is about the same circumference as his abdomen, and he may have up to an inch of hair already.

Yup, still pregnant over here. Let’s see, last time I wore this shirt for a weekly photo was all the way back at week 25. What a difference three months makes.

How I am feeling: welp, now that it is July I am pretty much ready to be done at any time. Yesterday was my last day of work at the clinic, so from here on out I will just be seeing clients at my private practice. This past Friday night I had to call in sick to work for the first time ever. I was scheduled to start at 3pm, so around 1-1:30 I hopped lumbered clumsily into the shower to get ready before having some lunch and heading to work. By the time I got out of the shower, I was very nauseous and slightly dizzy. I sat down on the couch and felt like my pulse was racing, so I took it and sure enough it was hanging out at 83 bpm. I took my blood pressure and it was 134/84, so I decided to call the doc. While I was waiting for a call back from the nurse, I made some eggs thinking maybe I would feel better if I ate something. I realized I hadn’t really eaten since my breakfast bagel. By now it was after 2pm, and I decided to make the call into work. I didn’t feel like I could massage anyone, though I felt terrible having to cancel on my clients so late. By the time the nurse called back my bp was down to 120/82, a little better. She seemed to think it was a case of low blood sugar and advised eating something, resting and pushing fluids. After eating the eggs and toast with some lemonade I did start to feel better, and after a short nap I felt just fine. Then I felt super guilty for calling into work, but what am I gonna do? Oh well. Lesson learned: eat more often, even though I don’t always feel too hungry these days.

Last week I participated in my one and only “race” while pregnant. At some point several months ago (likely when I was still running and feeling good about it), I thought it would be a fun idea to sign up for a one mile race while 37 weeks pregnant. Yes, fun. It was only $10 to sign up at the time, so I figured even if I didn’t end up doing it it would be no big loss. So last Tuesday Steve and I headed downtown for the Shlitz Park Mile. Luckily it was not too hot out that night thanks to heavy fog rolling in and out off the lake. I ended up having a walking buddy since my friend Rick was injured and not planning to run.

Isn’t it funny how I barely look pregnant in this pic? We ended up finishing in 17:49, and I’m pretty sure I was having a contraction for 16 of those minutes. The best part was 4 minutes into the race when we were passing by the finish area on our way to loop around the neighborhood. All of a sudden we heard through a megaphone “WALKERS, PLEASE STAY TO YOUR LEFT. THE WINNERS ARE COMING THROUGH!” So yes, we got lapped by the winner who finished in 4:29. Ha! Overall it was fun and now I can say I “raced” while 37 weeks pregnant, but I can’t wait to actually run the race next year and see what I can do for a mile. Speaking of running, I had a dream last night that I ran the Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee in 2:58:16 while pregnant. I think I may have even won it. Clearly I am losing my mind and need to start running again asap.

This past Saturday some friends from Masters Swim got together after our swim for a baby shower breakfast, which was so nice.

We sat outside and enjoyed some delicious food and great company before it got too hot out. I am lucky to have met so many great people through swimming, running, triathlons, etc over the years.

Let’s end with my current prediction. As much as it would be my dream come true to have a little firecracker 4th of July baby, I don’t think I will be giving birth this week. I am still having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions, but overall I am not feeling any different than I was last week. I forgot to mention that last Wednesday at the OB I was 1.5 cm dilated and 80% effaced, so it will be interesting to see where I am at tomorrow’s appointment. The doc still tells me that these numbers have nothing to do with how soon I will go into labor, but that the “riper” the cervix is when I do go into labor (sorry that sounds really gross), the faster labor should go, so there’s that.

I guess that’s it for this week. Just sitting here in the air conditioning, biding my time, counting the days. Incidentally, after flying by at warp speed all year, time has now seemed to slow to a crawl. I am told that once I start deep cleaning and organizing random things in the house it will be time. I cleaned out and organized the pantry last week, but apparently that wasn’t enough. Come on baby boy, we want to meet you!


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