Bathroom Remodel – Before & After

Since I have no cute squishy baby to show you as of yet, how about some pictures of our newly remodeled bathroom instead? The main bath was the last room in our house that needed to be redone, and when we found out we were expecting, we knew we really wanted to tackle the project before the baby’s arrival. Let me start by showing you some before pics of the monstrosity that was the bathroom.

Super narrow entrance, tiled walls, and don’t get me started on that floor tile. Believe it or not, when we moved in, this floor tile was probably the nicest flooring in the house. Scary, no?

The shower/tub. Disgusting. No amount of cleaning products or scrubbing could remove the nasty grime in there. 

The vanity/medicine cabinet. Not the most awful part of the bathroom, but significantly ugly none the less.

The toilet. Looks innocent enough. The truth is, this thing was horrible. It did not flush properly, often requiring multiple tries. It also had a huge crack on one side which was always a little disconcerting.

And lastly, the view out to the rest of the house. You can see here how narrow the entry was.

Since we were on a tight budget, Steve did all of the work himself with the exception of demolition weekend when he had help from a friend. We asked for Menards gift cards for Christmas, and thanks to some very generous family members, the gift cards covered a lot of the big purchases we had to make. The plan was a complete gutting of the old bathroom. We purchased a new tub, shower fixtures, vanity, toilet, light fixture, mirror cabinet, and tile. So everything. The one structural change that was made was widening the entry by about six inches. The wall you see above on the right is the back wall to the closet in the nursery. Said closet was unusually deep (and unnecessarily so), so we decided to widen the bathroom and cut into the closet a bit. Steve kept wondering if all the extra work was worth it for six inches, but as you will see it did make a big difference.

Obviously the first step in the actual process was demolishing the old bathroom. Steve started on a Saturday morning, and by early afternoon it looked like this.

The tub was gone (smashed to pieces), and the walls were coming off. Behind all of that wall tile in the shower was mold. So gross. Steve’s goal for that first weekend was to get the old tub out, and the new tub in and plumbed so that we could take showers, as this is our only full bath. I admit I was skeptical that this would get done in one weekend, but after many hours of work and at least five trips back to Menards, that part was finished. Steve hung a huge sheet of plastic around the shower so we wouldn’t get the walls wet, and this is how we showered for several weeks.

Dexter anyone? It was annoying, yes, but it worked and it was nice to be able to shower at home instead of having to go to the gym every day. God forbid I exercise any more than necessary. Also, Steve is not a morning person and was extra motivated to get the shower done quickly so he would not have to go to the gym in the morning. From this point forward, Steve worked on the bathroom pretty much every single day after work and on the weekends, in addition to his marathon and ironman training. Poor guy. He would take the plastic down to do whatever step was next in the shower (tiling, grouting, caulking, etc.), then put the plastic back up so we could shower. He wanted to get the shower completely finished before tackling the rest of the bathroom. We do have another half bath, so we had another toilet and sink to use while the rest of the main bath was under construction. After a few more weeks, the shower looked like this:

We chose white tile with a grey marbled look, and navy blue glass accent tiles for the strip towards the top. We also tiled in the corner shelves, two in each corner, and added glass sliding doors because of our mutual distaste for shower curtains. Once the shower was done, it was on to demolishing the rest of the bathroom.

Gutted. You can see the widened entry here with the new green board on the left. The next step was the floor tile and fixing up the walls with several coats of mud where the hideous wall tiles were.

We chose a darker grey tile for the floor, which I love. We decided to paint the walls grey as well with leftover paint from the nursery. No need to buy more paint when we already had some left. After the process of tiling, grouting, sealing, etc, it was time to put in the new toilet and vanity, along with the new mirror cabinet and light fixture. The new toilet gave Steve plenty of problems, as it wouldn’t stop leaking at first. There were a couple of times that it came dangerously close to ending up in the dumpster, but he luckily got it figured out. He also had to cut off the bottom of the vanity by an inch or two, since the new mirror cabinet was bigger than the old one and the faucet was actually too tall for the cabinet to open. It was either cur the vanity or buy a whole new faucet. Alright, lets jump to the before and afters, shall we?

Looking into the bathroom. Look how much wider it is! The one and only thing I did was to paint the woodwork around the window white to match the rest of the woodwork in the house, which you can’t even really see because of the window shade. I also picked out the shade, valance, and rug.

The tub/shower. I can’t even tell you how nice it is to have a clean tub and shower to use. There is so much space on the corner shelves and it is so nice and bright. We also got a shower head that can be used as a hose. Thinking ahead for bath time for the little man.

A toilet that does it’s job in one flush. Hooray!

New vanity and mirror cabinet, so much more modern. Love it!

The new light fixture and mirror. I am actually sorry I don’t have a picture of the old light fixture. It was of the large vanity bulb variety, super tacky.

And one more angle looking out so you can see how much wider the space is. We are so happy with how everything turned out, and I am so impressed with Steve’s skills in home improvement. He worked so so hard on this bathroom for many many hours and it shows in the final product. Now you can see why I put together the crib by myself, because Steve was busy in the bathroom. The nursery was my project, and the bathroom was his. I am so thankful that he is handy with these things, because I can’t imagine what this bathroom would have cost us if we had to hire out. We wouldn’t have been able to do it, that’s for sure. Now it feels so good that the big house projects are all complete (of course there are always some other little projects to do), but the big stuff is done. Phew!


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  1. Hi Laura – long time no comment……We are doing the same thing this weekend, only two bathrooms! We are loving AZ, but it is so hot here now the only thing to do is inside projects. Seeing your after pictures reinspired me 🙂 Love following the Luna Baby project too. All the best, Mary