Kai’s first 48

Our two days/nights in the hospital after Kai was born were sort of a whirlwind. The day he was born, he got to meet a lot of his relatives. Grandma was the first to arrive.

Grandpa arrived a short while later.

Then a lot of other family members were in and out throughout the day.

As I mentioned in Kai’s birth story, I really couldn’t get out of bed on my own for 7-8 hours because of the epidural/fentinyl cocktail I was on. My legs were totally wobbly and I had to be helped to the bathroom during that time. Sometime in the early afternoon I finally felt steady enough to take a shower, and it felt so good to finally get cleaned up. Kai also got his first sponge bath and hated it. He actually liked having his hair washed and his head run under the faucet, but he screamed bloody murder during the entire rest of the process. Once the horribleness was over, he loved laying under the warmer and talking to his daddy.

By the time all of our visitors left on Tuesday night we were pretty well exhausted. In fact, I really can’t remember anything that happened between that time and late Tuesday night when the nurses came to take the little man to get weighed in the nursery. I guess we were just relaxing/resting and hanging out with our little man. He was weighed and checked over at midnight, and when the nurse brought him back she said it was common for babies to already have lost up to 4% of their birthweight by that time. Mr. Kai had only lost .2% because he was such a good eater from the beginning. I declined having him stay in the nursery that night because I wanted him right next to me, and he was pretty good about only waking up to eat and letting us get some rest. Steve slept on the pull out couch in the room (which was apparently hard as a rock and left him with a sore back).

Wednesday was a lot more relaxed, which was nice. Of course we still had some visitors, but they were spread throughout the day and we got to have a lot of quiet time as well. Our pediatrician came around 7:30am to check him over and declared him a perfect little baby before taking him to be circumcised. When he returned from the procedure he was understandably out of sorts and very fussy. It seemed like every time we would get him calmed down, someone  else would come in and need to do something to him. He had a fair amount of jaundice, so he needed a heel stick to test his bilirubin. After we got him calmed down from that, a nurse came in to do his first diaper change and check on his man parts. Ugh, rough morning for the little guy.

After a while, he entered what the nurses referred to as the newborn slumber, and he slept for much of the rest of the day. We had to wake him a few times to eat, but other than that he was out. Wednesday night was nice and quiet. Steve’s parents visited for a while, and then it was just the three of us. When the nurse came to take Kai to be weighed just before midnight on Wednesday, I sent along a cute little outfit for him to have his pictures taken, and I told the nurse to keep him in the nursery until he was hungry. I slept until 2:30am when she brought him back. He ate and fell promptly back to sleep so we were all able to get some more rest.

Thursday morning our pediatrician stopped by for another visit, and he got another heel stick to check his biliruben. His levels were a bit high, but not high enough to require any further action like the bili-blanket. He would be tested again on Friday morning at his pediatrician visit, and as it turned out, we had to take him to get tested one more time on Saturday morning. His levels were stable, which was a good sign. The doc said as long as he kept eating and pooping a lot he should be good to go (spoiler alert: he did just that :-))

We hung out in our room throughout Thursday morning. I ordered breakfast, took a shower, and got all of our things packed up. Just before 1pm, it was time to load up and head for home.

That cute little newborn sized outfit barely fit him in length, but we made it work.

I was wheeled out in a wheelchair with Kai in his carseat on my lap while Steve carried the rest of our stuff and went to pull up the car. And with that, we left the hospital as a family of three 🙂


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  1. Stephanie

    Kai looks so much like you!