Kai: 10 months

Did I not just write Kai’s 9 month post last week? This month has flown by even faster than warp speed it seems, and just like that my baby is only two months away from his first birthday.

Let’s start with some stats. Kai went for his 9 month checkup in late April. He weighed in at a whopping 25lbs 1oz and measured 30.25 inches tall. That puts him in the 97th percentile for height and the 98th for weight. ‘Atta boy! He is still in 18 month clothes, though the 24 month summer clothes I bought on clearance last year fit him already as well, and he is in size 4 disposable diapers. Kai is still rockin’ eight teeth and still drooling a lot lately. I thought I saw another tooth ready to pop through on the top, but he never lets me get a good look in there.

Sleep: Again, not much has changed in the past month, except for a slightly later bedtime. Kai wakes for the day at early.com, usually between 6-6:20, though on rare occasion he will snooze until 6:40 or so. He takes his first nap around 9:30 and his second nap around 2:30. Both naps can range from an hour and five minutes to an hour and a half on rare occasion. Kai is in his crib for the night around 7:30 and asleep between 7:35-8:00. I hate to put this out there and jinx the situation, but ever since we went on vacation Kai has no longer been crying out throughout the night, and peacefully snoozes all night long. Hallelujah!

Eating: Oh, this kid. One day he will gobble up a waffle for breakfast, the next day it ends up on the floor piece by piece. His favorite foods include baby cheese puffs (would seriously eat the whole can), cheerios, freeze dried strawberries, and almond butter bread. Why almond butter you may wonder? Well, at Kai’s nine month check up I mentioned that he had a skin reaction to a few different foods when he rubbed them on his face. These included limes, raspberries, blackberries, and peanut butter. He could eat these foods just fine, but when they got on his face he would get a horrible red blotchy reaction. It didn’t seem to bother him at all and would go away within 30-60 mins. When I mentioned it to the doc, she was concerned about the peanut butter and wanted to do a blood draw to rule out allergies. Well, lo and behold, the test came back positive for a mild peanut allergy. Nooooooo!!!! It is a well known fact that peanut butter makes up about 50 percent of my diet, and one of my worst nightmares would be for my kid to be allergic. His test came back at a level 2 (0 being no allergy and 6 being severe). For now he is abstaining from peanut containing products and we have an appointment with an allergist on June 3rd. Interestingly, he has since been able to eat berries (and rub them all over his face) with no skin reaction whatsoever, so I am hoping that he will be able to have peanut butter and be fine. A life without peanut butter would be, well, sad.

Kai still loves his purees as well, but I am glad he is finally starting to branch out with his finger foods. He is still taking three 8oz bottles a day. One when he wakes up, one around 2pm before his nap, and one before bed. He loves his bottles and gets a huge smile whenever he sees one being prepared.

A few weeks ago he finally started to hold his own bottle, and it was the cutest. That lasted maybe two weeks, and then he reevaluated the situation and wondered why he was doing all that unnecessary work. Now he reaches up, tips the bottle into his mouth, then lets go and enjoys a hands-free experience while I hold it for him.

Kai loves drinking water from his new straw cup, which he mastered while we were on vacation.

Kai is still army crawling all over the place, and he stands up every chance he gets, including while you are trying to change his diaper or get him dressed. He loves to practice pulling up to standing and lowering back down to the floor, or dropping something on the floor and leaning over to pick it up with one hand holding on.

Sometimes he likes to let go and practice standing all by himself, but he is still very off balance and only lasts a second or two before he falls over. His legs are so strong, but I don’t think he is going to walk until he is one just based on his wobbliness. He can clap, wave and give kisses, and when I ask him to say “mama” he says “mamama.” He has learned how some of his toys work, like his shape sorter. I get the shapes started in the correct holes, and he pushes them in and smiles and claps.

Kai likes to play at the park, mostly in the wood chips. He also enjoys the swings, going down the slide with mom, and pulling up on the bars.

We took Kai on his first hike at Lapham Peak and he loved it. We got an awesome hiking carrier from a friend and it is perfect for him. He is up high and can see everything.

We celebrated my first Mother’s Day, which was great. It was the day after we got back from vacation so we were all a little tired, but we spent the day with family at a get together and then chilled out at home with our little family of three. Kai even bought me flowers.

Kai’s personality just gets better and better every day. He is a total goof ball and cracks me up all of the time. He also has a little attitude and let’s you know immediately and loudly if he isn’t happy about something.

I didn’t think my love for this kid could grow any more, but it just gets bigger and bigger every day.


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  1. Stephanie

    Oh the faces this boy makes! Love them. The look on his face in the crib is so adorable! I think it’s really cool how much he looks like both mommy and daddy 🙂