Kai: 11 months

My baby is 11 months old. Somebody hold me. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that we will be celebrating Kai’s first birthday next month. The photoshoot this month was virtually impossible, it is a wonder I was even able to capture these few images before he was rolling around or standing up on the chair.

The curtain was clearly much more interesting than sitting for mom’s camera.

While I don’t have an official height/weight, Kai was 25.5 lbs at the doctor a few weeks ago. He still fits in most of his 18 month pants (a few of them are too short), but all of his summer outfits are 24 months and fit him perfectly. He outgrew his size 4 shoes, so we had to shop for some size 5’s. After ordering and returning several pairs, I have come to the conclusion that the Sesame Street shoes from Payless are really the only ones he can wear because they come in wide. He has some fat little feet, and most shoes I couldn’t even stuff his foot into at all.

Sleep: We are still in a good groove over here, and Kai has even started sleeping in a little later! He usually wakes up somewhere around 6:30, but he has had a couple times where he slept until 7-7:15. I pushed his first nap out to 10am, which I read can help in solving the super early wake up problem, and it seems to have helped. So he naps from around 10-11 (I don’t let him sleep past 11:15). His second nap is around 2:45-4 (don’t let him sleep much past 4). He goes down for the night around 7:30 and is usually asleep by 8. He sleeps with his blue monkey lovey (aka blue monks, aka monk-a-do). He loves that thing, and sometimes now he has to bring it with him out of his crib after he wakes up. He rubs his face on it and chews on it constantly, and that is why blue monks is also sometimes known as stinky monkey. He gets washed in the laundry, so I have to make sure that happens between naps or we would have a problem.

Eating: Omg, this kid can eat. Still just about as picky as ever, but he can put it away. His favorite food at the moment is sunflower seed butter on bread. To update on the peanut allergy situation, he has one. We met with the allergist at the beginning of the month, and he did a skin test which came back positive. So now we are the owners of two epi-pens and have been instructed to feed him no peanut containing products whatsoever. Ugh. Honestly, I am not completely convinced that he couldn’t eat peanut butter and be just fine (since he has in the past), but I am not going to risk it. There is a chance he will outgrow this, and they will test him again in three years. It sucks hard core for someone like myself who eats peanut butter in the quantity that I do, but it’s not the end of the world I suppose. He LOVES the sunflower seed butter even more than almond butter which is great.

Other favorites include bread of any kind, goldfish, cheerios, cheese puffs (any carb really), freeze dried strawberries, chobani yogurt and baby food. He was on a fresh berry kick for a week or so which I was so excited about (the freeze dried versions are expensive!), but it didn’t last and now if presented with fresh fruit it will end up on the floor. He still loves purees, but I am really trying to come up with some other foods he will eat besides sunbutter bread. So far I’ve got nothing. He has tried cheese tortellini, grilled cheese, and quesadillas, all of which may end up in his mouth or on the floor.

Kai is still loving his three 8oz bottles each day, one in the morning, one before his afternoon nap, and one before bed, none of which he holds by himself.

Skills: Kai loves to be standing upright as much as possible. He has become an old pro at pulling himself up and anything and everything, including walls and doors with nothing to grip onto. His record for standing unassisted is about 5 seconds, and he only practices solo standing on occasion. His crawling has evolved from mostly army crawl to mostly big boy crawl, and he is getting pretty speedy.

Changing his diaper is still a production, and he can go from lying down to standing against the wall on his changing table in .4 seconds. I have to pull out all the stops with singing, making animal noises, tickling, etc just to change him.

Kai loves to be outside, and now that summer is in full swing, we spend as much time outdoors as possible. We have gone to the beach, the park, for walks in the stroller, and we spend a lot of time playing outside in the yard on a blanket.

We have also tried the swimming pool a couple of times, but Kai prefers not to stay in it for very long, and the water must not be too cold. Since it is inflatable, he lets about half of the water out every time when he uses the side to stand up. He likes to sit on the outside of the pool and play with the pool toys, but that is short lived as well since there are so many other fun things on the deck to play with, like the garden hose and patio chairs.

My mom and I took Kai to the splash pad for the first time, and after much initial indifference towards the whole thing, he started to enjoy himself and put his hands in the water.

His thighs. It’s too much.

Kai’s latest obsession is removing things one by one from drawers, shelves, laundry baskets, anything really. I have stopped folding any clothes that go in his bottom dresser drawer, and the laundry hamper in our room is also a favorite.

Seriously, if I leave him alone in his room for one minute I will come back to find him emptying something.

Another obsession: doors. If he sees an open door, he must close it. And if you open it up again, he will close it again. He has closed me out of his room, and he is especially obsessed with our kitchen entry door (which is the main entrance into our house). If he sees that one open, he will be on a mission to close it immediately.

He is also tall enough to reach the door levers, which has us rethinking our choice to do levers instead of knobs on all of our doors. We have to keep our bathroom doors closed at all times to keep him away from the cabinets and toilets, but the doors open in, which means if he reaches up and pulls the lever while leaning on the door, he’s going in, likely flat on his face.

Kai also loves electronics and electrical cords, and he loves to sit in front of the entertainment center and open the cabinets and push buttons.

Oh, and we had to get an oven lock.

In case you can’t tell, Kai is into everything. Everything.

Kai still loves to clap, wave and click his tongue. Whenever someone coughs or clears their throat, Kai will fake cough which is hilarious. He loves to hear himself make noise, and has taken to screaming at a decibel level that can’t possibly be safe for human ears. He yells when something isn’t going exactly as he wants, like when you won’t let him chew on a phone charger for example. He has such a little attitude, which is both hysterical and maddening. He recognizes me from across the room when I pick him up from the gym daycare and gets so excited to get to me as fast as possible. I love it.

Kai is obsessed with Little Baby Bum videos on YouTube, and we allow him a little bit of screen time on occasion before bed or when I need to distract him in order to trim his nails. It is basically just animation set to nursery rhymes and I don’t know how it is so incredibly mesmerizing, but I swear he could sit and watch it all day. It is really the only time he will sit still on my lap, and I love when he leans back into me all relaxed and cuddly. I couldn’t help but snap a pic of his thighs while he was sitting on my lap. I will be sad to see those chunkers go once he starts walking and thins out a little.

We got our boat out on the water this past weekend for the first time since summer of 2013. Though Kai initially had very mixed feelings about sailing the high seas, he eventually warmed up with the help of some snacks, and after a while he was enjoying looking at the wake and the other boats.

Man I love this kid. He is hilarious and sassy and goofy and such a sweetie pie. I love watching him grown and learn and become his own little person. But please time, slow down just a little. I am not ready for my baby to be one.



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2 responses to “Kai: 11 months

  1. Stephanie

    Kai is so much like Nathan. with each thing you list off that Kai does I think ‘yep Nathan does that.’ Except for the eating and sleeping. Nathan doesn’t do either very well. I’m afraid he has inherited my poor sleeping abilities 😦 Kai though is so super cute, and I’m glad he is such a good sleeper for you!

  2. jules527

    those buns!!!!!! Omg. And 25+ pounds? Amazing. He is too handsome.