Kai’s 1st Birthday Party

Kai turns the big O-N-E on Wednesday, and we celebrated the birth of our little man over the weekend with a big party. We actually celebrated four family birthdays: Kai, our niece Aiva who shares a birthday with Kai and is turning 2, my aunt Beth and my mom’s fiancé Joe. That’s how we do it up in these parts. With such a big family we pretty much lump the celebrations into one per month. Obviously Kai was the man of the hour, and did so well at his party.

Of course I had to go all out with some decorations for the first big party we have held at our house.

I got this banner at the party store and printed pictures of Kai from each month from newborn to 12 months. And then I totally cried looking at it after we hung it up on Friday night. Sniff sniff.

Table decorations were “preppy whale” theme from the party store.

We used Kai’s baby pool as a drink cooler on the deck and filled it with water and beer. We also had a cooler with more water and soda, as well as 2 jugs filled with rum punch for the adults and n/a punch for the kiddos. I got the fish net and fish stickers from the dollar store and hung it behind the drinks. You can’t really see it, but I decorated the stair railing in the background with blue and green crepe paper and cut fish out of foam paper and attached them so it looked like they were in seaweed. I didn’t get a good pic of it, but I was fairly impressed with how it turned out since I am probably the least crafty person I know.

And then there was the watermelon whale. I saw this idea online and I really really wanted to pull it off. I can only take credit for finding the idea, because Steve stepped up big time and did all of the carving which turned out better than I could have imagined. We added blueberries on toothpicks for the eyes and a piece of dusty miller out of the garden for the blow hole. I loved it so much and was sad to have to throw it away after the party.

The guests started arriving around noon, and I believe we ended up with 34 people including ourselves.

Kai opened his presents around 1pm, and oh my gosh did he make a haul.

Towards the end of gift opening it started to rain, so we hurried to move everything inside. Thankfully it was a short sprinkle and we were able to resume outdoor festivities in no time. After gifts it was time to eat. We had shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches (I cooked the chicken in the slow cooker and shredded it the night before), grilled veggies, and a few delicious salads, all brought by family members. I failed to get a photo of the food, but it was delicious. While everyone ate, I got Kai to take a nap which was great.

While he was sleeping, I set up the water table that he got as a gift for the kids to play with, and they loved it.

Kai woke up around 4:15 and joined in the fun.

And then it was time for cake.

Kai was so not into being in his high chair at this point. We got a half sheet cake from Costco, and then we also got Kai and Aiva their own special cupcakes that they could go to town on. I ordered these from a local grocery store, and I was so impressed when I picked them up. I was not expecting them to be so elaborate or impressive, especially for what they charged.

I brought in the little bath toys and just said I wanted an underwater theme, and they took it from there.

We sang and then gave the kids their cupcakes.

Aiva dug into the frosting right away, and Kai started crying. He wanted nothing to do with that thing. Ha! Guess he takes after his mama and doesn’t like frosting. The cake is where it’s at.

We tried getting him to taste the frosting which resulted in frosting all over the face. It was only once we peeled off the cupcake wrapper and he realized there was actual cake in there that he got into it. And then… he went to town.

Smash cake success!

After everyone had cake, the guests slowly started to depart. By 7:30 or so everyone was gone, we gave Kai a bath and bottle, and he was asleep shortly after. Steve and I were exhausted, especially because I was sick. Kai had so generously passed along his cold to me on Friday, so I was feeling pretty lousy by the end of the party. Steve cleaned up outside while I cleaned up inside, and not too long after that I was ready for bed.

Overall the party was a huge success and the birthday boy had the time of his life. We are still not done opening up all of his new toys, and the house is not totally cleaned up yet, which I believe are the signs of a great party. Or that I am lazy, one or the other. Kai officially turns one in two days, and I just cannot believe that my baby is growing up so fast.


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  1. Stephanie

    I cannot believe a year has gone by already. I am also trying to come to grips with this myself. It looks like you had a great party! So much cuteness everywhere! Happy birthday to Mr. Kai in two days!!!!!