Walking and talking

Just popping in with a couple of updates on this cutie pie. First, let’s talk walking. Kai can totally walk by himself now when he wants to. I emphasize that last point because kid is so incredibly stubborn (takes after both of his parents), and will only walk alone when it is his idea. Otherwise, he insists on holding on to one of our fingers at all times to walk around where he pleases.

Lately he has been practicing standing up on his own without holding onto anything. He is very proud of himself when he does this, and he will take a few steps once he is up, but that is usually just to walk to one of us and demand a finger. I think he figures that he wants someone with him at all times anyways, so he might as well make the whole walking thing easier on himself by holding on.

I am sure any day he will just let go of our fingers and decide he is going to do it by himself, but for now we are slaves to wherever he wants to go. Oh, and if you try to let go of his hand he immediately sits down and has a little tantrum, so that’s fun.

Kai has been increasing the amount of words he says, and also the sounds he makes. His first official word was bread, which he says with great enthusiasm. He also says shoe, crumb, nom nom, and several other things that I have no idea what he is actually trying to say. He will say something, then repeat it, then repeat it louder when I can’t figure out what he is saying. I think he gets frustrated sometimes that I can’t tell what he means, but it is so cute when he says something with such conviction. He also makes noises in certain situations, like a spitting noise when I ask if he wants to brush his teeth. He also saw me blow on his quesadilla one day to cool it off for him, so now every time he has a quesadilla for dinner he blows as soon as he sees it.

Kai has been expanding his acceptable food list slightly, and is now a fan of macaroni and cheese, pizza, and honeydew melon. He is also obsessed with smoothies that I put in a reusable pouch for him. I always add spinach and usually some other veggies since that is the only way he consumes any vegetables.

Another major development is that Kai will now sometimes sit in the bathtub! Sometimes. He likes to play with his stacking cups in there, which will occupy him for a little bit. After a few minutes he will still stand up though. Baby steps.

We are trying to soak up the last little bit of summer in Wisconsin, with some last trips out on the boat and as many outdoor activities as we can squeeze in. Don’t get me wrong, I love being outdoors in fall too, but sadly there is limited time left for water activities and we have to take advantage when we can.


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  1. Stephanie

    Cute stuff as usual. It’s so interesting to see how the boys develop different abilities at different paces. Like how Nathan is practically running, yet barely eats food and has no spoken words besides mama and dada. I love the swing picture! Nathan adores swinging!