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A Day in the Life – Summer 2016

Sunday July 3rd, 2016

Steve is 39

Laura is 35

Kai will be 2 in 12 days (hold me)

This day in the life was recorded as we were camping in Door County for the holiday weekend. It will probably be slightly less detailed than usual but I will do my best. Also WordPress editor is being a jerk and will not let me add spaces between paragraphs. Maddening.

7:37am – I hear Kai awake on his side of the camper after rough night of sleep. He was up crying for a few minutes seemingly every hour starting at midnight. I’m pretty sure it’s because he was over tired from camping (this was our second night of three). I change his diaper and get him dressed, and then pour his milk and set him up with his videos in the camper.


8:05am – Kai is ready to head outside, so I help him out of the camper and he goes to sit with my mom. I make much needed coffee for my mom and myself.

While drinking my coffee, I whip up some pancakes on our outdoor camp stove. I forgot to bring syrup, so my mom rides her bike over to my aunt and uncle’s campsite to borrow theirs.

Pancakes are literally one of Kai’s two favorite foods, along with mac and cheese. Today he is being a stinker though, and refuses to eat anything for breakfast until we offer him cheerios.

After breakfast we get ready for a bike ride. A bunch of family members arrive at our campsite on their bikes and we are ready to go. I load Kai into the Burley bike trailer and put his helmet on. He selects a dinosaur, a giraffe, and his yellow car to accompany us on the ride. Kid loves bike rides.

9:00am –  We leave for the ride. We take a scenic road with great views of the water and decide to make a stop at the lighthouse to enjoy the views. Please excuse my sweaty helmet hair.

10:15am – We arrive back at the campsite. My mom and Joe leave to go play tennis. I start packing up all of our stuff to head over to my aunt and uncle’s house. We are bringing Kai’s pack n play and all of his sleep equipment in hopes that he takes a great nap over there so it will be possible to take him to the fireworks tonight. He probably had a snack and watched some videos so that we could get ready.
11:15am – We leave and make the 10 min drive to the house. I get Kai’s stuff set up in my cousin’s bedroom and we hang out for a bit.
11:45am – We walk over to the tennis court/playground area where Kai watches a little tennis before hitting the swing.

Though you can’t see it in his face, Kai loved swinging with Auntie Beth and Grandma Joanie.

We all played at the playground a little longer, just hanging around.

12:15pm – We walk back to house. There is a conversation about the perfect blue sky today, and how we could not have asked for better weather this weekend.

Back at the house, Kai eats strawberries and string cheese for lunch. There is also half of an iced donut on his plate that he refuses to touch. Crazy kid.
12:55pm – Kai goes down for his nap and everyone else attacks some snacks that have been put out on the counter for lunch. We all just hang out for a bit, and I sit down on the couch. I am so tired. I also have no pictures from this entire part of the day apparently. Oops.

2:00pm – Steve leaves to go golfing with a few of the guys on the little community par 3 course. Almost everyone else goes to the pool, and I take full advantage of a quite house by falling asleep on the couch for 30 mins or so. When I wake up, Kai is still asleep and I browse the internet on my phone. I find a sweet pair of shoes that I decide must be mine. You know, for the olympics and such.

3:15pm – The guys are back from golf. I show Steve the shoes and he basically offers to get them for me. He’s a keeper, I tell ya.
3:25pm – I crack open a Mang-o-rita. OMG is is so sweet, like drinking syrup. Not until I am almost done with it do I get the idea that it would be much better mixed with a beer like Corona or something. Too late. Kai is still asleep. I am SO glad he is taking a long nap as he needed it so bad.

4:00pm – Some of the family returns from the pool and my cousin’s dog starts barking so freaking loud. Kai is awake. Oh well, three hours is a pretty darn good nap. I get him changed and he wants to find Grandma of course. I get him a plate of chips and pretzels and he goes out on the deck to eat.

For the next couple hours we all hang out, eat snacks, and drink wine. At some point before dinner we all shower. Normally Kai loves being in the shower with Daddy, but today in an unfamiliar shower you would think he was being tortured with razor blade water or something. He screams the entire time, and Steve does his best to get him clean quickly so he can get out. Very traumatic. I enjoy my solo shower and actually get to shave my legs (it’s kind of difficult in our tiny camper shower). We are all fresh and I hang out on the couch for a bit with Kai.

My cousin Emily and her friend Nicole make banana cream pies and show them off.

6:00pm – The pizza’s arrive for dinner. The family completely demolishes five large pizza’s, two salads, and a vat of mac and cheese. Kai steps up his game and actually eats the Kraft Dinner even though it is not his beloved Annie’s mac. I am shocked, as last time he tried the Kraft he immediately spit it out and wouldn’t take another bite. After pizza we enjoy the pies with whipped cream and frozen custard. Kai says he wants ice cream, but won’t try it when I offer him chocolate custard.
7:30pm – We leave for the fireworks in Egg Harbor. It’s a 10 minute drive, and we find a parking spot that is about half a mile from the target area. We get one block away, and Steve realizes he left his phone in the car. He gets it, and I ask him if he wants to bring his fleece jacket since we are still right by the car. He responds that he’s fine, it’s not cold out. Earlier in the day, some of the family members stopped and set out a bunch of chairs and blankets to save our spot. It was right down in front, perfect.

Kai immediately demands to walk around with Grandma. My mom and Joe take him for a walk and are gone for quite a while.

We hang out in our chairs and drink a beer.

We are right by the water, and the sunset is gorgeous. As the sun sets, it gets chilly and Steve is cold. He walks back to the car for his fleece.

My mom and Joe return with Kai, and we pose for a picture with our firecracker shirts circa 1992. Not everyone still has theirs, but six of us busted them out for the occasion.

I give Kai his flag and try to get a picture of him smiling. Not so much.

Steve plays with Kai, giving him a shoulder ride and then flinging him into the air, resulting in my favorite pic of the day.

Kai plays with his cousins, and is especially smitten with Mason this weekend. Mason is 13, and he is so great with the younger kids, they all love him.

While the big kids do sparklers, we bust out Kai’s dollar store glow wand, and it is a big hit.

9:30pm-ish – The fireworks start. Kai is sitting on Steve’s lap, and after the first few go off, he says “again!” Great, he likes them.

Then they start going off a little more rapidly, and Kai says “turn it off!” Haha. He says it a few more times, then says “I sit by Grandma.” He went down and sat by my mom on the blanket, and then all was fine. From then on we got a running commentary through the whole thing. “A green one. Oh, a red one. White lights, etc. etc.

Towards the end of the show I look down to see Kai sitting with my mom next to Mason, and he is holding both of Mason’s hands. So cute.
10:05pm – The fireworks are over and we walk back to car. When we get there, I decide to lay Kai’s pack n play mattress on the grass and change his diaper and get his jammies on since it might take a little while to get out of there with all of the cars.
10:27pm – We drive back to the house to drop off my mom and Joe at their car. I also run in to grab Kai’s milk that I accidentally left in the fridge. He downs it immediately. We drive back to the campsite and let Kai watch videos for a few minutes while I quickly get all of his sleep stuff set back up.
11:15pm – We put Kai down for bed. I really hope he sleeps well tonight with going to bed so late. Thank goodness again that he had a great nap and we were able to make it though the fireworks. I am so tired at this point, my mom goes straight to bed, and Steve is making a fire. Really, so late? He says it’s our last night and he wants to enjoy one more fire. I agree to sit out there for a few minutes with him and Joe.

11:45pm-ish – I go to bed and leave the guys out there. Pretty sure I am asleep almost immediately. I do not even hear Steve come in to bed. Good night!



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A day in the life – Spring 2016

Tuesday April 12, 2016

I am 35

Steve is 39

Kai will be 21 months on Friday

4:40am – I wake up from a really weird dream. Jack from Lost is making Kai do some sort of stunt in the jungle (why I have no idea). Then it is my birthday and for some reason I am sad, so some friends decide to take me to Great America. No clue what any of it means, but luckily I am able to go back to sleep.
5:53am –  I wake up again. Ugh. I try to go back to sleep, but I have to pee so it is futile.
6:04am – I finally get up and immediately turn on the coffee maker.  I check our new weather center and see that it is 29 degrees outside. Will I ever be able to run outside without tights and a jacket? I sit at my computer and sip my coffee while checking email, Facebook, etc.

6:28am – Kai wakes up. Man, I loved it when he used to sleep in past 7am. Lately he has been waking up right around 6:30am. I go in and find him standing in his crib. He looks at me like I am crazy for taking his picture first thing in the morning. For some reason my glasses case is on his shelf and he wants it. He plays with is while I change his diaper.

6:37am – I pour Kai his milk and he immediately requests to watch videos, as he does every morning. It’s a bad habit that I’ve let him get into, but it gives me time to get a few things done in the morning and get ready for the day. I make him a waffle and cut up some grapes, all of which he eats while watching his videos.

Also in this time I make my pre-run breakfast of banana with almond butter, jam and coconut, and take my vitamins. Usually on Tuesdays we go to music class at 9:30 and I often run in the afternoon, but today I have a client in the afternoon so I know I need to get my run in this morning. I calculate that if we hop to, I might have time to run and still make it to music class. I get Kai dressed and he plays with his toys while I get dressed and pack my gym bag.
7:52am – I say bye to Steve who is still sleeping since he was working from home last night and we drive to the gym.


8:00am – I drop off Kai at the Kids Club the moment they open. I quickly put my stuff in the locker room and head out the door. My plan today calls for a 1 mile warm up, 5 miles at tempo pace (7:05-7:22), and a 1 mile cool down. After my warm up mile I slowly begin to drop the pace, but I am not feeling it right away. My first 2 tempo miles are 7:35 and 7:26. Dang. During my 3rd tempo mile my girl Brittany Spears comes on with one of my current favorite running songs. When Brittany tells me “you better work, bitch!” I listen. Mile 3 – 7:07. That’s more like it. Somewhere during mile 4 my music cuts out (I use Google Play on my phone). I am beyond irritated that I have to stop and fix it, but I cannot get through the last couple miles without music. The last two tempo miles are 6:55 and 7:07, so I am happy with it in the end. I end up cutting the cool down a quarter mile short and high tail it into the locker room.

I take the world’s fastest  shower, get dressed and kinda sorta dry my hair.

9:15am – I pick up Kai, and one of the ladies that works in the Kids Club tells me she can’t believe the things that come out of his mouth sometimes. Apparently he was identifying all of the colors of different blocks for her as they were cleaning them up (“a red block, a black block”, etc.), my little smarty pants. We hustle to the car and I drink a chocolate milk (recovery drink of champions) while Kai eats a fruit strip on the way to music class, and we arrive right on time.

9:30am – Music class. There are a ton of kids at class today, almost too many so it is a little chaotic. At one point Kai was being chased by this cute little girl Violet. They were running in circles and Kai wiped out. He was crying and when I picked him up he had a bloody lip, poor guy. This was our first of two bloody lips for the day (and the second one was not Kai). A little while later they hugged each other and it was so adorable. I only got one pic of the kids playing after class.

10:40am – We leave for home, and pull in the driveway at 10:44am. Kai immediately says he is hungry and requests another fruit strip. Uh, no. Then I hear him open the fridge as I am putting my gym stuff away. I come back to find him running around with a big jar of peanut butter, which incidentally he is allergic to. He puts that back and then pulls out a yogurt, demanding to eat it. I know for a fact that he is not going to eat it, so I say no and he throws a fit. I finally get him calmed down by letting him watch videos for a few minutes while I make him a veggie burger with strawberries and pretzel crackers.

I also make myself a delicious coffee with coconut cream and scarf down a small energy bar.

11:15am – Kai eats his lunch of a veggie burger, pretzel crackers, and strawberries. Of course he eats all of the crackers first and requests more, but I tell him he must eat the rest of his lunch first. He finishes the burger and strawberries, so I give him a few more crackers. Out of nowhere he says “ouchie tummy” and requests to take a nap (?) but then he keeps right on eating. He finishes the crackers and I give him his milk, which he slams.


He requests kisses on his cheek as I get him out of his chair, and I take the opportunity to snap a selfie with my boy. He then wants to do play-doh, so I get it out for him and we do that for a little bit.

After play-doh, we play with toys for a while and then I ask Kai if he wants to help with laundry.


12:10pm – Kai helps me sort the dirty laundry by putting items in the basket, and we get a load started. Then it is time to get ready for his nap, so we go to his room to read books. He requests “Nemo book” so we read that one. I don’t actually read this one because he won’t sit through it, so I just make up the story with the pictures. I think we also read Little Blue Truck and Color Zoo before singing Twinkle Twinkle.


12:33pm – Kai is down for his nap, but he is talking/singing/yelling up a storm. He probably didn’t fall asleep until 12:50 or so. As soon as I put him down I was starving, so I heated up my lunch of leftover butternut squash and quinoa stew and an apple with peanut butter. I ate at my computer while working on training plans for my coaching clients.


During the rest of Kai’s nap, I switched out the laundry and folded the first load, did some other stuff on the computer, ate an un-pictured piece of zucchini bread, and cleaned up the kitchen. I also got changed for work.
2:25pm – Kai is up. That was not a very long nap for him, he usually sleeps until around 3pm. I go in to his room, and he doesn’t want to get out of his crib right away, which is normal. I sit in the chair while he plays around and talks to me, then I tell him he better get out and get his diaper changed since Grandma will be over any minute.

2:40pm –  My mom arrives to babysit, and I ask Kai if he wants a snack. He asks for pea crisps, but what he really wants it to go outside and swing on the new (to us) swing set. He eats a few bites while my mom puts his shoes on. They head outside as I leave.


2:50pm – I arrive at the office an start the space heater to warm up the room, since the building manager feels the need to keep it super cold. I just have one client today, from 3-4pm. After her massage, we chat and get her scheduled for her next one. Then I quickly change the sheets and I’m outta there.

4:20pm – I arrive home (I LOVE living 5 mins from the office) and my mom and Kai are still outside. Kai immediately runs over, grabs my hand, and shows me where he is “cleaning up” some of our dead landscaping from last year. I get the report that he was in the swing for approximately 40 mins, went down the slide once, and spent the rest of the time walking around the yard.

4:25pm – My mom leaves and we go inside where Kai eats the rest of his pea crisps, and I have carrots & hummus for a snack. I spend a little bit of time on the computer while Kai plays. He has his little plastic astronauts and he keeps calling the blue one Cookie Monster.

4:55pm – I pick up Kai to change his wet diaper, and he hits me in face. I demand that he says sorry, he does and gives me a kiss, the little stinker. He complains that he is hungry for dinner. I tell him that Daddy will be home soon with tortillas to make his quesadilla.
5:00pm – Kai asks for a fruit strip and I say he can have grapes. He wants to eat said grapes while watching videos, and throws a fit when I tell him no and that he can eat them at the table.

5:05pm – Steve is home, hallelujah. Kai finally agrees to eat his grapes at the table and I make his quesadilla.

5:15pm – Kai eats his quesadilla by peeling apart each bite while saying “open… open… surprise!” He got that from one of his videos where they crack open eggs and there are surprises inside each one. I wish I had a video of this, because the inflection he says it with is hilarious. While Kai is eating I change into my lounge clothes, ie. sweat pants and a sweat shirt. Kai is now counting the quesadilla pieces on his plate. I declare it time for a beer, as it is after 5pm. Shipwrecked IPA brought home from Door County over the weekend. Yes.

5:45pm – Kai is done eating, and gets out of his chair to play with his toys.
5:55pm – Kai poops, so I declare it bath time. Steve is about to start his workout on the bike trainer. I sit in the bathroom with Kai while he plays in the bath. He points to his chest and informs me that there are “two nipples.” I swear, I could listen to this kid talk in the bath tub all day long.

6:35pm – He is done in the bath and he requests his monster jammies. We hang out on the couch for a bit which is one of his favorite things. He loves to climb and jump around while Steve or I sit with him so he can jump on us and we can tickle him.


At one point he gets too wild and ends up slamming me in the tooth and lip with the back of his head, thus our second bloody lip of the day. He cracked me so hard I am just glad to not have a loose front tooth. He only cries for a sec, so at least it wasn’t as bad for him. Steve is done working out and sits down to take my place on the couch.


7:00pm – I eat my dinner of leftover baked sweet potato, broccoli and chicken bacon topped with a fried egg and salsa while Steve plays with Kai. Then we allow Kai his beloved fruit strip since he ate dinner pretty early.

7:30pm – I change Kai’s diaper and he gets to watch his 15 mins of tv and drink his milk before bed.


7:50pm – We brush Kai’s teeth (two person job) and then Steve says goodnight before handing him over to me for stories. I thing we read Little Blue Truck again, and perhaps his favorite dinosaur book. I sing Twinkle Twinkle while holding Kai and he sings along with me, which is basically the cutest ever. I put him down in his crib, which Steve had to rig to be lower than the lowest setting, since he proved he could climb right out onto the attached changing table.


8:00pm – I fold the last load of laundry and clean up a little bit.


8:15pm – I eat my nightly dark chocolate while sitting on the couch with my laptop. I spend the next hour and a half or two hours typing this post while talking to Steve and watching Cutthroat Kitchen on Netflix, our latest show addiction. Thrilling night over here, I know.


10:10pm – I go to bed and read a book on my Kindle for a little while until I cannot keep my eyes open.





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Day in the Life – Fall 2015

Monday, October 12th 2015

I am 34 (for another 6 days), Steve is 39, Kai is 15 months (in 3 days) & Zooey cat is 14.

6:25am – I wake up and look at the clock. Everyone else is asleep and I am still tired so I try to will myself back to sleep. We are all tired from a fun weekend of camping at Devil’s Lake. Kai starts making noise in his sleep, as is often the case in the early morning. I lay in bed with my eyes closed, but it’s no use.
6:38am – I know there is no way I am going back to sleep, so I get up and make coffee. I get on the computer and check email, Facebook, etc. The morning is my alone time at the computer and I don’t feel bad about “wasting time” before anyone else is up.
7:10am – I get hungry and make breakfast for myself. Since I will be running later this morning, I have a mini bagel with peanut butter, banana slices, honey and cinnamon with a side of vitamins (multi, vitamin D, iron & un-pictured probiotics).
7:26am – I start cleaning up in the kitchen. The house is a disaster and I wish I could just spend all day cleaning it from top to bottom. There is stuff everywhere on the kitchen counter (the bane of my existence). No matter how often I clear this area, it ends up like this in no time, I swear. It is where clutter lives in our house.
I check the weather and it looks like a pretty decent day, and especially nice for running.
7:37am – Kai is moving around in his crib, waking up. I give him a few minutes because he does not love it when I go in immediately upon waking and will usually scream at me if I do so. He needs time to talk to himself, play with his monkeys, do a little yoga, etc.
7:45am – I go in and say good morning. Kai is happy to see me but doesn’t want to come out of his crib just yet. Kid loves his crib and loves to just mess around in there while I am in the room with him. I pick out some clothes for him and finally get him out under protest.
Once Kai is dressed and I let him loose, he runs straight into the kitchen and into the forbidden utility/laundry/cat litter box area. Little stinker. He screams at me when I catch him and tell him to get out of there. I bribe him with his milk cup and that does the trick.
7:55am – I give Kai his breakfast of banana slices and a toaster waffle, which he blows on before he eats. While he is eating Steve comes in to say goodbye before leaving for work.
When Kai is done with breakfast, we play for a bit and I change into running clothes and get packed up to leave for the gym.
8:40am – Leave for the gym. I drop Kai off at Kids Club and put my stuff in the locker room before heading out for my run. This is only my second run since the marathon, and I do an easy five miles while listening to Mindy Kaling’s audiobook. She cracks me up. The weather is perfect for a run, low 60’s. Fall running is the best. After my run I shower at the gym.
10:30am – I pick up Kai from Kids Club and get his shoes on. We snap a selfie on the way out and he looks at me like I am crazy. Get used to it kid.
10:44am – We pull into the grocery store parking lot. We need a few staples such as bananas, salad supplies, yogurt and chocolate.
11:15am – We arrive home and Kai is very helpful with putting the groceries away.
11:30am – I make Kai a smoothie as part of his lunch, since it is the only way he will eat a vegetable. It has yogurt, juice, bananas, carrots, spinach and strawberries. I put the rest of the smoothie into reusable pouches and put them in the freezer. I also make him a sunbutter sandwich and give him some milk. He has really been loving milk lately, after being luke warm on it for quite some time.
While Kai eats lunch, I make my treat, pumpkin spice latte mix from this recipe. It is so good, dare I say better than Starbucks.
12:00pm – Kai plays with his toys for a while and then poops. It’s always good when he gets that out of the way before his nap. We change his diaper, read a story, and I put him down.
12:19pm – Kai is in his crib singing e-i-e-i-o from Old MacDonald.
12:30pm I eat my lunch of leftover Bangkok Curry from Noodles and a graham cracker with chocolate peanut butter for dessert. I also glance at the monitor and see that Kai is asleep.
12:50pm – I start cleaning the disaster of a house. I clean up the kitchen again, fold laundry, put all of our camping stuff away in the basement, dust, organize, etc. Lastly I tackle the dreaded kitchen counter. Remember what it looked like this morning? Here it is after being cleared of junk.
Ah, much better.
1:50pm – Kai is awake and talking to himself. Dang. I really thought he was going to take a 2+ hour nap today after our big camping weekend. I leave him for a little bit to see if he’ll go back to sleep.
2:05pm – Kai is still talking away. He is saying uh-oh over and over. That is totally his favorite word right now. I go in and get him, change his diaper, and decide that since he is up we can vacuum the house.
2:20pm – I vacuum the wood floors first and Kai is very helpful in standing right in front of the vacuum and trying to push it himself. I am glad he is taking an interest in housekeeping.
After the wood floors we bring out the big dog vacuum and get the area rugs done too. I feel much better about the state of the house now. We both have a snack of crispy snap peas with a Larabar for me and a fruit and veggie pouch for Kai.
3:10pm – Grandma arrives to babysit until Steve gets home from work. I believe she is Kai’s favorite person right now.
3:15pm – I leave to go to my client’s house. I normally don’t do in-home massage, but this couple has their own massage table and they have been clients for a very long time so I don’t mind at all. I do two 90 minute massages while I am there. They have a granddaughter that is Kai’s age so we always share the latest pictures before I leave.
6:57pm – I pull into the garage and Back to the Earth by Rusted Root is playing. I am really into it so I sit in my car and belt it out until the end of the song. I come in to find my guys playing in the playroom.
I say hi and then immediately change into sweats. Time for a beer. We all hang out for a little bit and I catch up with Steve.
7:15pm – I go and change Kai into his jammies and fill his milk cup. He is allowed to watch his beloved videos.
7:35 – I take Kai to brush his teeth (he refuses), we read a story and it is time for bed. Night night Kai. I am starved and immediately throw together something to eat.
7:57 – I eat my dinner of a gigantic taco salad with a side of chips while watching Fixer Upper on Netflix.
8:18pm – I clean up from dinner.
8:25pm – Steve has to do some work from home tonight (he’s an IT guy), so I grab my laptop and park my butt on the couch. I finish up a blog post, go through the pics from our camping weekend and from today and upload all of them, then do some random things on the computer while eating a square of 85% dark chocolate. Fixer Upper is still on in the background and Zooey is sitting next to me on the couch.
9:50pm – I decide that since I am not doing anything productive I might as well go to bed. I feed Zooey, brush my teeth, and say goodnight to Steve, who has apparently just finished working earlier than he was expecting.
10:00pm – I get in bed and read for a little bit on my Kindle. My eyelids start to close in no time, and it’s time to sleep.
Good night!


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A Day in the Life – Summer 2015

July 13th 2015

I am 34

Steve is 38

Kai will be 1 in 2 days

Zooey Cat is almost 14, though she does not make an appearance in this post

6:36am – I wake up and reluctantly open my eyes. I tip up the video monitor and see Kai starting to stir.
6:38am – I get up, make myself a cup of coffee and mix Kai’s bottle. These days we are doing a 50/50 mix of whole milk and formula. Kai is tossing and turning a bit, but he looks like he is trying to go back to sleep so I leave him be. I sit down at my computer and check emails, Facebook, etc. Kai seems to have gone back to sleep.
7:15am – Kai is waking up again. I start getting up to put his bottle in the warmer, but then…
7:17am – Kai goes back to sleep. He has already been sleeping for an unprecedented 12 hours after only taking one nap yesterday. I email my friend Cara about the playdate we were planning for this morning. Her 4 year old has a t-ball game at the park right by our house, so we plan to meet there at 9:45am.
7:30am – I start working on Kai’s birthday party post, since we had his party on Saturday.
7:41am – I get my running clothes on, having decided that I will just run with Kai in the stroller today to save time instead of going to the gym.
Please do not be jealous that my headband has a cheese curd on it. That’s how we roll in WI.
7:45am – Kai is awake for real this time. I put his bottle in the warmer and head in to get him. I sing our little good morning song and of course he is excited to see me. I change him and stand him in his crib while I go to pick an outfit for him. In the meantime he starts jumping and bangs his mouth on the crib rail. He is crying and i pick him up, noticing that his bottom lip is bleeding a little. Poor guy, what a way to start the morning. I get him settled down and he has his bottle.
8:15am – Kai and I are ready to run.
We do five miles and I take it very easy since I am getting over a cold. It is so humid that I have to take my shirt off after the first mile.
All done!
9:15am – I put Kai in his high chair and give him some Cheerios and a container of pear pineapple baby food. I quickly rinse my face and towel off before throwing on shorts, a tank and a hat. No time to shower now. I make an iced coffee for myself and shove half of a breakfast bar in my face before heading out. It’s going to be a scorcher today.
9:38am – We leave for the park in the stroller, and I sip my iced coffee on the way there. On the walk I contemplate who to call/notify about the giant colony of bees that have taken up residence on the side of an abandoned horse barn that is right on the walking path.
I also text my business partner who I am supposed to be trading massages with this afternoon to tell her that I am getting over a cold. She opts to cancel our trade which is totally understandable, but dang I wanted a massage. I call my mom and leave her a message that I won’t need her to babysit this afternoon. We arrive at the park and Kai swings for a bit while we wait for his friends.
They arrive shortly after and we walk over to the baseball diamond where the t-ball game will be.
10:15am – Play ball! The 4 year old t-ball game starts and it is so freaking cute. Kai crawls around during the game, but doesn’t want his knees to touch the grass or the cement, so he crawls on his feet like a nutball.
He also spends a lot of time holding my hands to walk around which is new, and standing up holding onto the fence and the garbage can.
10:47am – Kai seems to be getting sleepy, so we leave the park and walk home.
10:55am – We arrive home, wash our hands and it’s time for lunch. I cut up some fruit for Kai and make him some bread with sunflower seed butter, his favorite. I put it on his tray and he immediately throws a piece of bread on the floor. So that’s how it’s going to be. I take away his bread because I can tell he is in a sassy mood. We will save it for dinner. I get him some mixed berry greek yogurt and he eats the whole thing, along with some cheese puffs and a few bites of fruit (the rest of which ends up on the floor).
11:15am – We play with toys for a bit and Kai poops, good timing right before his nap.
I change him and he is a maniac as usual. I give him an empty plastic bottle and it keeps him busy for a second. Also, he no longer even remotely fits on the attached changer, but we still use it anyways.
We read a couple of stories before Kai’s nap, and he cuddles with his blue monkey.
11:30am – Kai is down for his nap. We are trying out a one nap schedule this week to see how he does. I’ve been having to wake him from every nap when he takes two, and he still would take forever to fall asleep at night. I turn on the video monitor and start unloading the dishwasher.
11:40am – My mom comes over. She didn’t get my message about not needing a sitter. But she has brought homemade muffins, so score! I glance at the monitor and see that Kai is asleep. I talk to my mom for a few minutes before she heads back home. Luckily she only lives 2 miles away. I am starving and eat a muffin immediately.
11:50am – I shower and then put the same clothes back on (don’t judge). I also throw a load of sheets in wash.
12:05pm –  I am ravenous. I throw together a quick lunch of party leftovers (yes!). A mini BBQ chicken sandwich, grilled veggies and fruit. So good.
I catch up on some things on the computer while I eat, then I clean up the kitchen. Since it is approximately eight thousand degrees out today, I get out Kai’s new water table and fill it up so he can play after his nap. I do a little more organizing and cleaning inside.
12:54pm – Kai wakes fussy. Dang, that was not a long enough nap. I leave him be and goes back to sleep, thank goodness.
1:07pm – I go back to working on his b-day post, and really want to get it done.
1:44pm – I hit publish. Blogging is time consuming.
1:50pm – Kai is awake and crying. Two hours and ten minutes is a super long nap for him, but he does not sound happy about being awake. I go in and get him, and he cries even harder. I change him and think maybe a bottle will help. I fill a bottle with whole milk and give it to him cold (he has had cold milk before). The temperature of the milk pisses him off greatly and now he is screaming. I throw the bottle in the warmer and he cries like the world is ending the whole time it is heating up.
I settle on luke warm and he finds this acceptable. He drinks the bottle and we regroup. He pushes his walker around briefly which is a new skill. Previously he only wanted to play with the toys on the front, but all of a sudden he wants to walk.

We go into Kai’s room where he helps me fold his laundry. I also clear out a bunch of too small/wrong season clothes from his drawers to make room for the new outfits he got for his birthday.

2:50pm – We both have a snack of Teddy Grahams. Kai also has some applesauce, and I make the mistake of thinking he might be able to handle the pouch on his own. Nope. He immediately and forcefully squeezes half of it onto his tray before I can grab it from him. He eats the rest with me holding the pouch and we clean up.

3:00pm – I re-suncreen Kai and we head outside to play with the water table. It is so stiflingly hot and humid. I love summer and heat and sun, but this is a little much even for me.
I try sitting in the shade a few feet away but Kai is not having it. He just keeps wanting to come by me, so I suck it up and play with him in the sun. He drinks some of the water and splashes around.
3:27pm – Kai is done at the water table, so we go inside, change his diaper and get him a dry shirt. He is still generally crabby. I decide we will go back out into the inferno and try out the new trike we got him for his birthday.
At first he is not happy at all about getting in, but once I start pushing him around he grabs the handlebars and seems to be enjoying himself. He is so tall that one foot or the other was dragging on the ground for much of the time, but whatever. I had to snort like a pig in order to get him to smile for the above picture. We walked around the neighborhood for a bit, and I was dripping with sweat.
4:00pm – Enough of the heat. We head inside to the glorious air conditioning to play. Somehow we killed an hour here and I have no photos to remember what we were doing. I’m sure it involved a combination of playing with toys and Kai crawling around getting into things.
5:10 – I give Kai his dinner. This time he eats his Sunbutter bread, but he throws much of his fruit on the floor. He also has a container of pureed vegetables.
Sometime while Kai is eating Steve gets home from work and looks at me like I am a crazy person when I take his picture.
5:45pm –  Kai plays with Steve while I get the clothes I pulled out earlier into bins in the basement. I clean up a little bit more and start a load of laundry.
Then I crack open a beer. Yes.
6:15pm – We all play together in the living room. We try to get Kai to walk and he takes as many as one step before launching himself forward into our arms.
6:50pm – Bath time.
Kai is his usual stinker self in the bath and refuses to sit down or really cooperate in any way. Thus, bath time is short. I get him dried off and in his jammies while Steve mixes his bottle. While it is warming up, the two guys play on the couch, and there is a temporary emergency when blue monks is dropped behind the couch.
7:15pm – I give Kai his bottle, we brush his teeth and read three short stories. I put him in his sleep sack and we sing Twinkle Twinkle. He is extra lovey tonight and readily gives me several open mouthed kisses on the lips. I say goodnight and put him in his crib.
7:27pm – Kai is asleep. That was fast. I guess he was spent from his one nap day. I start deleting photos and making collages for this post.
7:45pm – Steve comes out of the office with his remote controlled helicopter, wait I’m sorry, QUADcopter and announces, “I’m going to get some footage of the gutters” (it has a camera on the bottom) Omg. I can’t make this up.
I start making dinner and he returns several minutes later. After checking the footage he announces “the gutters are clear for the impeding storm.” Thank goodness. And this is why I love him. I finish making my dinner of more leftovers, this time over salad greens. I am lazy and I hate wasting food, what can I say.
8:00pm – I eat dinner while watching Gilmore Girls (don’t judge), then work a little bit on this post.
9:22pm – I cue up the season finale of Orange is the New Black to watch with Steve. I also eat a piece of leftover cake while we watch. I doze off a bit at some point, and then when I glance at the clock I see it is 10:26 and the show is still on. I check and there are 18 mins left. It is already so past my bedtime, but I can’t stop watching now. We finish the show (meh) and I get ready for bed.
10:50pm – Lights out and good night!


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A Day in the Life – Spring 2015

Welcome to my first Day in the Life Post! I always enjoy reading these, but until now have never undertaken the challenge of recording an entire day in detail with pictures. I chose a pretty typical Monday to record so you can see my day as a much of the time stay at home mom 🙂

Monday, April 13th 2015

I am 34

Steve is 38

Kai is 2 days shy of 9 months

Zooey cat is 13

5:50am – I wake up to Zooey meowing and feel rage. She has been such a little jerk lately, meowing in the wee hours of the morning for seemingly no reason. Anytime anything wakes me up that is not the baby I get a little stabby. A few minutes later Zooey jumps up on the bed and tries to get to my water glass. I get up, throw on sweats and head out to the kitchen. I thought maybe she was out of food, but no. Just as I was yelling at the cat I noticed her water dish was empty. Fail on my part. I fill her water and turn on the coffee maker, then make Kai’s bottle and throw it in the fridge. Make a single cup of French roast in my favorite mug. Wow, the coffee maker needs to be cleaned.

6:05am – Kai starts making noise. I check the video monitor. He is rolling around and playing with his monkey lovey in his crib and talking. I leave him be, as I always try to leave him in there until at least 6:30.

He dozes on and off, and I figure at least he is content and still getting some rest. I check my email and calendar and note that I have one client this afternoon who I see in her home. I check the weather and do a little browsing for new shoes online. I am on the hunt for a simple pair of canvas sneakers.

6:40am – I put Kai’s bottle in the warmer and go to say good morning to my baby. He is very excited to see me and gives me a huge smile. The best.

I get him out of his sleep sack and we look at the fish in his aquarium lamp, as we do every morning.

I change his diaper and he rolls over on the changing table as I try to put his socks on. Stinker.

We head out to the living room and Kai drinks his breakfast bottle, all 8oz.

We hang out on the couch for a bit, Kai gives me some nice slobbery kisses on the cheek, and then he stands up and looks out the window.

7:15am – I put Kai on the floor with some toys while I make another cup of coffee and my breakfast. I decide Monday is reason enough to upgrade my usual pb toast to waffles with pb, banana and maple syrup. I sit on the couch and eat, and Kai looks interested so I give him a couple small bites of my waffle.

As I am eating Kai pulls himself up from sitting to standing on the couch. I pause my breakfast to spot him, and he looks pretty proud of himself. We play for a little while longer, I finish my last bites and Kai decides he has had enough of sitting with his toys and army crawls over to the entertainment center, as he is obsessed with electronics. I note that I really need to vacuum the floor since he is now scooting himself all over the place.

7:50am – Steve is in the shower. I put Kai in his walker and get out the vacuum. Monumental, since up until a few weeks ago Kai hated the vacuum (too loud) and I could never vacuum during the day. I always had to wait for Steve to be there to occupy him in another room. I vacuum the entire house with our little hardwood floor vacuum, perhaps the best $50 ever spent on Amazon. Kai follows me around to each room to make sure I don’t miss any spots.

8:10am – We are done with the floors and head to Kai’s room for a diaper change before breakfast. I prepare his beloved oatmeal with applesauce and it is time for breakfast.

8:20am – Kai has a blueberry purple carrot teething wafer as an appetizer. He is not teething at the moment I don’t think, but he loves to munch on this newfound treat. Then he eats his entire bowl of oatmeal. I give him not one but two highchair toys to play with while I clean up and he is not pleased. He starts whining and I can tell he is tired, but it’s not quite time for his nap yet.

8:45am – We go into Kai’s room to play and he chooses his alphabet elephant. He plays with the elephant and rolls around and crawls all over his room.

9:05am – Time to get ready for Kai’s morning nap. I change his diaper and get him dressed, which is no small task with him rolling around like an alligator. We read a Dr. Seuss book and put him in his sleep sack. We sing Twinkle Twinkle and I put him down in his crib at 9:17am. He is not happy about it. Usually he goes down for his morning nap with little to no fussing, but not today. He is crying by the time I shut the door.

I start a load of laundry and begin my morning tasks according to my home routines app. Gold stars for me. Kai falls asleep at 9:30am.

Yes, I use an app to help me clean the house and complete mundane daily tasks. I am not good at cleaning and organizing (I secretly wish I was a neat freak and sometimes I try to pretend to be one, but I just can’t). I check and see that my “focus zone” for the week is bathrooms, so I am supposed to spend 15 mins deep cleaning them every day. Ugh. I set my timer and clean the bathrooms. I finish both of them and pat myself on the back.

10:05am – I change into my workout clothes and pack my gym bag. I plan to go there when Kai wakes up. My throat feels a little wonky, so I take an Airborne to ward off any sickies.

10:20am –  I catch up on a little bit of business paperwork.
10:30am – Start typing this blog post.
10:40am – Put the laundry in dryer.
10:47am – Kai wakes up. He is still crabby. I change his diaper and we head to the gym.
11:05am – I drop Kai off at kids club (the gym daycare). I drop off my bag in the locker room and head up to the fitness floor. I run an easy 5 miles on the treadmill while watching HGTV. I forgot to bring my phone with me, or I would have snapped a nice sweaty selfie to show you. I was going to do my four minute plank afterwards, but I got sucked into the show and I had to see if the couple would “love it or list it.” I returned to the locker room, showered and got ready.
12:20pm – Picked up Kai from kids club. So nice not to have to bundle up in jackets before we left. I snapped a selfie in the gym lobby because I felt like a tool trying to get one in the daycare. Kai looked at me like I was crazy. We made the five minute drive home.

12:30pm – Kai is in high chair eating puffs. I prepare my own lunch of a strawberry smoothie and avocado toast. I give Kai some of my bread crust and he throws it on the floor. He eats a container of apples and chicken and a fruit and veggie pouch, along with some yogurt melts for dessert. During lunch a message comes in on my business google number. I call the person back and score a new client for this week. Nice! We finish lunch and I clean up.

1:20pm – I lay out a big blanket on the deck and we go outside to play in the sunshine.

1:50pm – We go in and I make Kai’s bottle. While it is heating up I change his diaper. As I am changing the diaper, my client calls and has to cancel her appointment today. Bummer. I was looking forward to a little break in my day, and also the money is nice 🙂 Kai drinks his bottle, we read two stories, and I put him down for his nap at 2:08. I call my mom to tell her that I won’t need her to babysit this afternoon.

2:18pm – Kai is asleep. I briefly think about taking a nap myself, and then decide to make coffee instead. I have developed a bad afternoon coffee habit lately, but it is just so good. I sit down with my coffee and start typing this post.

I work on it for a while, then get a few other things done on the computer. It is close to 4pm and Kai is still sleeping. This is an epic nap and very unusual. Normally I never let him nap past 4pm, but something tells me he needs it today, so I let him sleep a little longer. I realize I am hungry and pour myself a mug full of the best cereal on the planet for a snack.

I think I cleaned up the kitchen a little bit here, and was just getting ready to go in and wake Kai up when he woke himself up at 4:15. A two hour nap is unheard of, and I go in to find that he is still crabby. Not sure what the deal is today. I change him and decide we are going to the park for a few minutes before dinner.

4:30pm – We walk over to the park and swing for a little bit. By the way, this is Kai’s standard facial expression in the swing. He likes it just fine, but acts totally non-plussed by the whole experience. He will chill in there indefinitely, but has never gotten excited about it and fails to see what the big fun deal is.

5:00pm – We are back home and so is Steve. We wash Kai’s hands in the sink which he loves, and I put him in his highchair with some puffs while I get his dinner out. He ate two different purees and still seemed hungry, so I made him a small bowl of cereal which he ate about half of.

He poops whilst eating (totally standard), and I let him finish up his yogurt melts for dessert before changing him. I pick him up to find that pee also leaked onto his outfit so I decide that since dinner is over, he can get into his jammies early. I change him and head to the bathroom to spray the poop off of his cloth diaper.

5:45pm – I come back into Kai’s room and throw his dirty diaper in the pail, only to discover that he has pooped yet again. Geez kid. I change him again, spray his diaper again, and then wrestle him into his jammies which becomes a two person job with Steve distracting him and keeping him from rolling all over the place while I get his legs in.

We play in Kai’s room for a bit, then Steve takes him and the guys hang out on the couch while I clean up the kitchen.

6:15pm – Beer me. Yes.

Steve notices that Kai’s fingernails are dangerously long, so we put on his favorite Little Baby Bum videos on YouTube to distract him. This is the only thing that makes trimming his nails a possibility. Kai is seriously mesmerized by the tv, and he watches his videos for a little longer before bed. My client from earlier calls and reschedules for tomorrow. Excellent.

6:55pm – I make Kai’s bottle and throw it in the warmer while we change his diaper. Once it’s ready, Kai drinks his bottle and we do his bedtime routine: brush teeth, read stories, in sleep sack with white noise, sing Twinkle Twinkle, kiss his face approximately 100 times and lights out with his lullaby monkey playing.

7:18pm – I leave Kai’s room, and as is the theme for the day, he is already crying. I fold the load of laundry from earlier. Still crying. I talk to him through the monitor and tell him to go night night, and he is quiet for a minute (seriously, that thing is creepy and I think it startles him into being quiet, but sometimes he actually does settle down and go to sleep). Not tonight though. In the meantime I start assembling a big salad for my dinner.
7:35pm – I have to go into Kai’s room, which is very rare. 99% of the time he cries for less than 5-10 mins (if at all) then goes to sleep. Often he doesn’t even make a peep. I don’t pick him up, but I move him to the middle of the crib again (he is wild in there), make sure he has his lovey, and tell him it’s time for night night. Steve and I hear a muffled meow, and realize that Zooey is in Kai’s room. She must have stuck in when I opened the door. Little jerk. I quietly open the door to let her out.

7:42 – He is finally asleep
7:55 – I put on a comedy on Netflix (The Interview) to have on in the background and eat my salad: greens, leftover grilled chicken, carrots, potatoes, avocado and ranch along with a piece of un-pictured garlic toast.

8:30pm – After chilling on the couch for a bit with Steve, I do some more work on this post. In case it’s not evident, it is very time consuming.

9:30pm – I eat my nightly square of 85% dark chocolate while watching the rest of the terrible movie that is playing. I think maybe I doze off for a few minutes.

9:55pm – Pry myself off of the couch, feed the cat, say goodnight to Steve, brush my teeth and go to bed.

10:03pm – Lights out. Goodnight!


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Oh heyyyyyy!!!

Hi there! So. I’ve been thinking lately about how I haven’t posted here since…um…well, last year. Hello 2013! I’ve also had several requests to resume blogging, you know, from the four or so people that read this thing. So here I am. Hi! Truth is, I have a lot going on. What’s new? The other truth is, so much has happened that I really don’t know where to start.

But I realized something. I don’t have to do a play by play of the last three months for you. The bits and pieces will come up as they come up, and that’s all there is to it. The most major thing I’ve had going on (and the main reason things have been crazy and I’ve had no time for extra curricular activities such as updating this dear old blog) is I started going to school for massage therapy late last September. I Love it. Yes, capital L. But it has also meant that I have been juggling several different part time jobs all while trying to maintain some semblance of a training schedule. Not easy people, not easy.

But the month of February has provided some much needed down time with a reduced work schedule. I have actually had time to do things like cook food and map out a training plan. I even cleaned a little the other day and read the first chapter of a book. Like a real live fiction novel, not Anatomy and Physiology or Business Mastery.  Whether or not I started on chapter 2 is beside the point.

So what is the point? Yeah, I was starting to wonder that myself. The point is, here I am! I am not going to sit here and promise that I will have a new post comin’ atcha  every day, but I have actually been missing my little corner of the interwebs where I can ramble and show you embarrassing photos of myself making out with a tub of peanut butter pretzels. So what I’m trying to say is I’m back! And in the most awkward segue ever, look at these pretty pictures of winter running!

Christmas day trail run at Lapham Peak:

And a winter wonderland run in my neighborhood the morning after a snowstorm:

Oh winter, you are so beautiful and I hate you so much.


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Das Boot

I know I’ve been absent around here for the past couple weeks. I have been putting off writing about this update, because frankly, it sucks.

I started having some minor pain in my foot the week after Memorial Day, or the week before I went to San Diego. It started on Tuesday with some soreness in the bottom of my foot when I started running. After a couple of miles, it went away, and I thought it was no big deal. I ran a couple more times that week, and same thing. A minor annoyance that almost felt like a bruise on the bottom of my foot. Then cam San Diego. As I mentioned, I ran/walked/jogged probably 20-25 miles over 8 hours, much of it on concrete. By the Tuesday after the race (June 5th), I couldn’t run on it at all. I went to my group run, started gimping, and I knew right away something was wrong. I gave it a mile to see if it would loosen up at all, but I ended up stopping and walking back.

I took a week off. I biked. I got acupuncture. I swam. I got massage therapy. I took another week off. When I was still having pain while walking two weeks later, I made an appointment with a foot specialist, pretty much convinced that I had a stress fracture.

I went in on Wednesday (June 20), and the good news it that the x-ray was clean. I was diagnosed with peroneus brevis tendonitis and a 5th metatarsal bone bruise, right where the tendon connects.



The doc asked me how aggressive I wanted to be in treating it, and I told him I wanted to heal as fast as possible so I can get back to running. He said the best way to heal it fast would be complete immobilization for a week. He gave me the walking boot, and I’ve had the thing on ever since. I can take it off to drive and  shower. He wanted me to keep it on at night, but I just couldn’t sleep with it, so in comes off when I go to bed as well. I have also been icing it once a day at night.

This coming Wednesday I can take the boot off and see how it feels to walk around. If I have no pain, I can slowly start biking, swimming, and even a little running. But if there is any pain at all, I need to stop. I will not be doing the Door County Triathlon on July 22nd, because even if I am healthy enough to race, I am severely undertrained at this point and running the race would likely flare the whole thing back up again and I would be back at square one. It is more important to me to be able to run and race in the fall than to do the tri.

In the meantime, I have still been enjoying the heck out of summer. Steve and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on June 21st with a great dinner at an Italian restaurant.

We have been boating, strawberry festivaling, hanging out with friends, and getting stuff done around the house. We have been installing new interior doors, painting said doors and trim, and working in the yard just to name a few things. I am trying to stay positive and looking forward to running as soon as I possibly can. The break was nice, but I plan to start posting more frequently as I recover and get back to training.

Have you ever dealt with an injury that sidelined you for any length of time? Was it easy to get back into the swing of things?


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